Date / Time / Place:

Third Wednesday of Each Month (Next meeting: February 15, 2023); 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. via Zoom only –

Call 1-699-900-9128; Meeting ID:  92724782436; Passcode:  159075

General Message from the Chair:

Greetings EBCC Community,

Come reconnect with neighbors and community. Learn about, and express your views on, important proposed and occurring developments that impact your neighborhood. All of our meetings are held via Zoom to minimize inconvenience and maximize attendance.

Salt Lake City has launched a new program, Solar Salt Lake, that will make it easier for residents to install rooftop solar on their homes through discounted bulk purchase pricing and free education from a community-selected solar installer. 

Residents can sign up to learn more about the program and enroll to have their home virtually evaluated for eligibility.

It has been a wet, snowy Winter so far, and the snow is piled high along walkways, streets and driveways. Please remember that it is your responsibility to clear your the sidewalk on your property within 48 hours after a snowstorm. Also remember that the snow creates difficult driving conditions and more limited visibility, so please be extra cautious when driving. And, please slow down, especially in areas where children and seniors might be present. School in the Salt Lake City District resumed on January 9, 2023.  So please:

· Be extra vigilant when driving at times when children are going to and from school.

· Parents, be sure your child knows where, when, and how to cross a street, particularly where no school crossing guard may be stationed.

· If you have a new (or newish) driver in your household, please spend extra time talking with them about not being distracted if they would be driving when children might be walking to school.

And remember that the new speed limit in residential SLC neighborhoods is 20 Miles Per Hour.

Too much time on your hands, and you love kids?  Consider becoming a crossing guard yourself (it is part time) – maybe even “tag team” with another member of our neighborhood to split the job.  Not a lot of monetary pay, but what you get in smiles from the kids….Priceless!

We all thank you!